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Shine & Protect Your Vehicles Paint, Give It That Pop!

So now, How long has it been since you've waxed your car? A few months gone by, Maybe a few years? Just purchasing a new vehicle and want to start off right? Well, If yes, A Wash & Wax would be a great service for you! 

Your not only going to see the difference from the looks of your vehicle, You can feel the smooth and slickness

of the paint too. This service doesn't take much time to complete, but its the end result of your vehicles paint that

really makes this service worth it. 



** Pricing varies depending on size and condition on the vehicle.

Wash & Wax

General Pricing;

$80 Sedans; 4doors

$100 SUV/Crossovers

$120 Large SUV/Trucks

  • The wheels, rims and fender wells get cleaned and scrubbed with a variety of brushes to reach all areas.

  • A detailed hand wash of the exterior including; Removal of bugs, the gas cap, and door jams.

  • Clay bar treatment; This removes any stuck on contaminates from the vehicles paint. ( Your paint feels really smooth to the touch at this point. ) 

  • Then apply a layer of sealant or wax to all painted areas by using a machine or by hand to protect and shine the vehicles paint. 

  • Apply tire dressing to shine the tires up!

  • Exterior glass and windows will be cleaned for that perfect vision.

** This service is great when combined with a Full Interior Detail. 

Premium Wash 

General Pricing;


  • The wheels, rims and fender wells and gas cap get cleaned and scrubbed. 

  • Any "bird droppings" or bugs, will be removed.

  • Vehicles Exterior gets washed and scrubbed with quality products, mitts & methods we use. 

  • After the wash, will apply a wax for extra protection & shine.

  • The vehicle and wheels get carefully dried.

  • Apply tire dressing to shine the tires up, and clean the exterior glass.



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Currently by appointments only.


Its Not A Difficult Process, There's Just A Right Way To Do It And That's What We Do. 

It takes nothing at all to wash a car, but there's more to the methods used to give your vehicle better results than a car wash could. If your looking for a fast and cheaper option to get your car washed.. We probably won't be a good fit for you. We take the washing process a bit further to provide higher quality results. 



Which waxes do you use?
There are a couple different brands we like to use. To name a few; Chemical guys, Meguiars, and Griot's Garage. 

Do i need water?
We do carry a pressure washer, if we do travel out to you and if possible, we would like to connect to your water spigot.

Where would you drop your car off at our location?

If you've scheduled an appointment at our location, please understand that it is not a "detail shop" but our home that has been equipped to take customers. We don't have a waiting room, so clients must arrange to drop the vehicle off. Please do give us a heads up when doing so wether you call or text.

Will a wash and wax remove any scratches?
It will not. The cool thing about a wash and wax is the wax will generally will hide very small light micro swirling in the vehicles paint. More so, the wax will fill in so it creates more of a shine. 

How long will the wash take?
Of course depending on the size and condition of the vehicle, generally speaking a premium wash; 30 minutes to 1 hour. A wash and wash can take anywhere from 1 - 3 hours. 

If your looking for a deep level of shine and protection for your vehicle our Wash & Wax will be the best option for you!