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Extensive Interior/Exterior Car Detailing Service

Have Your Interior Go From "It's so Dirty" to "It Looks Brand-new!"

We're offering the most intensive car interior detailing service to restore your interior back to the best condition possible.


Carpets, dashboard, the seats, floor mats, center console, door panels, headliner, cup holders, etc.… will be cleaned and if need, shampooed.

If its dirty, we clean it! Simple!  


Are we going to beable to remove every last stain and marking that we come across? Not at all. There’s just some things that are out of our capabilities of detailing. However, we will do everything we can to make it look a lot better for you!



**Pricing varies depending on how heavily soiled interior is.

Premium Interior Detail Package

General Pricing;

$80 Sedans; 4doors

$110 SUV/Crossovers

$125 Large SUV/Trucks

  • Interior carpets, floor mats, and any carpet upholstery will be vacuumed, treated, scrubbed, and steam cleaned; including the trunk. If the interior is heavily soiled carpets, seats, and upholstery, it'll be cleaned with a water extraction process.* 

  • The leather is cleaned, scrubbed gently and steam cleaned ( if needed) also conditioned to prevent fading and cracking.

  • Headliner and the visors are gently cleaned. [Some headliners could be prone to sagging or pulling away from the substrate from heavy cleaning] So we will gently clean it however some stains or blemishes may not beable to be completely removed. 

  • Dashboard, consols, and any vinyl will be dusted, cleaned, steam cleaned (if needed) and protected. 

  • Interior glass cleaned.

Restorative Package

General Pricing;

$120 Sedans; 4doors

$150 SUV/Crossovers

$160 Large SUV/Trucks

  • Everything included in the full interior cleaning, but twice as much. (because the condition of the interior is that much worse). Instead of the typical 2.5 to 4.5 hours to complete, it might take 5 to 7 hours to get the interior back to an acceptable level. Ideally, because it requires a lot more work and time, we’d require you to drop off your vehicle. When it comes to our restorative service, if your seats are heavily soiled, we’ll do enough passes with our water extractor to get as much of the gunk that we can. We’ll repeat this process across your entire interior. It’s important to note, even after all the extra time and energy we put into your interior, there will still be limitations on how much we can actually clean back to a like-new condition. Some of the stains or areas of the interior will simply not get back to its original condition. It depends on the surface that was stained, what kind of stain it is, how long the stain has been there, and a few other factors that will dictate what we can really achieve. This is applicable to any plastic, leather, or cloth surfaces.

Mini-Detail Package

General Pricing;


  • Interior carpets, floor mats, and any carpet upholstery, vacuumed.

  • A generous wipe down of light dust and debris throughout all surfaces. 

  • UV protection service on interior. 

  • Interior glass cleaned.

** This is not a deep cleaning service. If your vehicle has a heavy amount of stains, and spills that you'd like any attention to, then the Premium package would be the one for you.

** Add-ons

Paint correction starting as low as $200!

Interior Protection Options:

  • Carpets, floor mats, and any carpet upholstery, cleaned and treated with Fabric Coating to resist any stains, liquid & waterproof interior. +$30

  • Leather is gently cleaned and protected with a leather coating. +$15

  • Any plastic and vinyl will gently be cleaned and protect with a plastic coating. +$10


Schedule Your Service

Under the comment section, please let us know what package your interested including add-ons (if any), and if youd like mobile or drop-off service!

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Currently by appointments only.


About Us

 We are a mobile detailing service that can come to you if you cannot make it to us! We would need connection to a water spigot & outlet connection, but Home or apartment we'll get the job done. Wether your car is a complete disaster, getting ready to sell it, or looking for an interior make over we got you covered and happy to do the job! 



How long does the cleaning service take?
It all depends on the condition and size of your vehicle and ofcourse the package your looking to get. We like to take our time to try and bring the highest level of perfection to the interior of the vehicle, but also meet all your expectations as we can. 

Where would you drop your car off at our location? 
If you've scheduled an appointment at our location, please understand that it is not a "detail shop" but our home that has been equipped to take customers. We don't have a waiting room, so clients must arrange to drop the vehicle off. Please do give us a heads up when doing so wether you call or text.

Will there be a smell of cleaning chemicals when your done?
Ofcourse not! That would be horrible to have left behind. We dont use hard chemicals at all. Everything we use is biodegradable and safe to use on any and all interiors. 

What kind of tools and products do use?
As you can imagine we have plenty of tools, products, and machines to get the job done. We have carpet extractors, polishers, steam cleaners, brushes, etc. and some brands we use are Chemical guys, Griots garage, to name a couple and plenty more!

Do you completely remove every stain? 

Due to the nature of the stains and the material its on, some will come off better than others. We use premium tools, products and machines, but even with all that, if a stain has been there long enough, it can only be cleaned so much.

Do you offer seat removal when cleaning the interior?
Currently we don't. Your seats play a big part in safety in the vehicle and we would not want to compromise that by moving things around. We have a variety of tools and equipment that will allow us to thoroughly clean around the seats and get most of any stains in that area.